Actions Speak Louder than Words Essay

You are bound to come across at least one person in your life who promises a lot of things without any intentions of fulfilling them. It is very important for one’s behavior to coincide with his actions otherwise it is not possible to be deemed as believable. There are certain feelings and emotions in life which do not require any explanation or bragging; it has to be manifested with the actions only. Words are cheap whereas actions are priceless. Someone may tell you that he or she loves you, but you cannot invest your trust upon them until and unless the words are properly acted upon. So its rightly said actions speak louder than words.

A relationship can only be sustained by faithful actions

The concept that actions speak louder than words applies to all areas of human life. For instance, if a person is constantly coming home late and not answering his partner’s call and not offering any explanation for his actions, the other partner has valid reasons to be concerned about what is really the matter. This is because the actions of the former person run contrary to what it should be. This concern will keep on developing as the actions would be continuously contradicting the faithful promises that were once made to each other. In such a scenario, no matter how much this person boasts of his love and devotion to the other person, it cannot be trusted upon.

Promises are meaningless when there are no actions to support it

Promises would mean nothing if there are no actions to prove it. It is very easy to say anything for appeasing others. It is only possible to understand the true character of an individual by having a close look at their deeds and behaviors towards other people. If you promise to do something, no one would believe you unless you can prove your mettle by taking proper actions. If someone gives off two contradictory messages, one verbal and the other one, non-verbal, most people would believe the non-verbal messages over the verbal one. It is important to keep on monitoring one’s actions so that they consistently coincide with the spoken words. Words are easy to speak but only a righteous person would be able to keep his words by backing it with proper actions.

Conducting with others requires the right actions

The way a person conducts with others in varying situations aids in determining behavior as well as the character of a person rather than words which can be chosen by a person as a form of expression. The general rule of thumb is that what a person does has much greater significance. The act of expressing the true emotions is dependent on the way they have been brought up. Furthermore, if a child is not hugged and kissed by his parents, he may feel that he is not loved enough. One must be careful of what you are saying to someone. For instance, you can tell someone over and over to forgive for your actions. But you keep on repeating the same actions, the whole act of apologizing turns meaningless. So it is better to act the way you want others to believe about you instead of giving unwanted to hope to someone that you will change and behave in a desirable manner. A person has no right to act remorsefully if he is going to return back to the same kinds of destructive behavior.

No matter how hard a person tries to portray himself positively through his words, it will be of no help if the actions fall out of place. The greatest difference between words and actions is that words show who you desire to be whereas actions show who you really are. Therefore, it is very important to push yourself harder so that the words and actions coincide and you can become a well-regarded and reliable person.