Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Essay

A mobile phone is an electronic gadget that requires no introduction. It has become the one-stop solution for making important phone calls, sending texts and accessing the internet without being tied to any wire. Right from when they were introduced by Motorola in 1973, the mobile phones have been occasionally subject to a considerable amount of debate.

Each and every advancement of technology has its own pros and cons and the mobile phones are no exception to this. Mobile phones are really an essential component of our lives but that doesn’t imply that we wouldn’t be able to live without the mobile phone. So it is very crucial to point out the advantages and downsides of having a mobile phone.

Useful in Emergency Situations

It is no surprise that mobile phones have come into existence for emergency purposes. If anyone is in danger, it is very easy to contact the close ones without any wires attached. Mobile phones allow connecting with the police or the fire brigade in any devastating situation. The importance of mobile phones in emergency situation deserves special mention.

Equipment of Knowledge Improvement

Although in previous times people had to depend on the textbooks and the teachings of the elders and teachers, things have changed considerably now. It doesn’t mean that children do not learn anything from their parents or teachers but shows that mobile phones have helped them to achieve much more. Even the toddlers today play the games that help in the development of their brain. As the child grows, he or she finds that there is something or the other on the internet that can assist in the studies, and what better way to connect to the internet except the mobile phone?

Instant Access to what’s Happening Around

In previous times only the elderly people were interested in knowing what’s happening around us. But situations have altered so drastically that the young people are also interested in keeping up with the major and minor happenings all around the globe. On 21st March 2015, Google slightly altered their policy demanding that all the web pages must have a responsive design so that it can open from any mobile phones. As a result of this, a number of websites browsed through the mobile also increased to a great height and whoever owns a mobile phone today can easily have a look at the important world news at the end of the day.

Acts as a Friend, Philosopher, and Guide

Although human beings are not possible to be replaced by electronic gadgets, mobile phones can be helpful as a friend in certain conditions. A student who has a mobile phone can wake up early with the aid of the alarm set in the mobile phone, plus it also reminds him of the pending tasks that are required to be finished off in the first place. When he sits to study, if there is any doubt, he can call up his friend or teacher for clearing the doubt or simply ask Google for reference. Other ways in which a mobile phone can help in managing funds, paying money online and act as a personal memo where one can jot down everything he feels like.

With so many advantages of mobile phones, there can be times when these cellular phones can turn detrimental for many. There are several negative effects of using mobile phones which include:

Can Lead to Accidents

Listening music and talking over the phone using earphones is an old trend now. But most people keep on talking over the phone while driving and there have been several instances of fatal accidents caused by it. Regardless of the awareness programs run by different authorities, it is not possible to eliminate or even reduce the number of road accidents stemming from using mobile phones while driving.

Playing Games Online

Young people tend to spend a lot of time in playing games on the mobile phones. Even though students try to concentrate on their studies, their minds remain engaged in games. Mobile phones can have such a disastrous effect on children that they may dislike the idea of going out and playing with friends. The mobile phones mean the entire world to them and they may not be able to concentrate on their studies or any other work other than being engrossed in the mobile phone.

Health Hazard

Mobile phones utilize the radio frequency waves for transmission of signals from one place to another. The radio frequency signals arising from mobile phones are among the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The microwaves contribute to heating effects in the same way a microwave works in heating foods. Holding the mobile phone close to one’s body for a substantial part of the day can lead to different types of health problems.

The Federal Communications Commission in the United States of America is of opinion that the exposure to the mobile phones at a Standard Absorption Rate of about 1.6 watts per kilogram is the safe range. Spending too much time in speaking over the mobile phones increases the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

Although there are several downsides of using the mobile phones, they are indispensable to modern life. Therefore, it is very important to control the usage of such devices so that the negative effects of mobile phones can be mitigated to a significant extent.