Does Technology Make us More Alone Essay

According to the new research conducted by Relationship Australia, which is a community-based support firm it has been found that 42 percent of the Australian citizens using an average of 4 ways of online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, email for communicating with others were more lonely when compared with the rest 11 percent who used only one mode of communication. To establish the thoughts of Margie Warrell,  a well-known writer from Forbes Women it can be said that though people feel connected with their friends and fellows online, they are actually very lonely in real life. Even after all the progress and globalization, the question arises that does technology make us more alone?

Human beings are becoming less sociable

Loneliness is not having people in life, but it is the inability to communicate about things that appear important to a person or holding some views that others may find inaccessible. People have become less sociable in recent times. Though we all go to parties and social events but we are caught in the web of the internet in place of communicating with others.

People now find others on social networking sites instead of going out and searching for them in real life. The situation is so barren that kids and young teens hardly know what it is to go out and play and make new friends.

Technology helps in building new relationships

There is no reason to deny that technology has helped human beings to build healthy and fruitful relationships. There are numerous people all over the world who have found their partners online. But it is important to meet them in person and spend time together to know as well as explore each other. Though technology allows easy connectivity with someone special regardless of whether he or she resides, it also deprives us of some priceless experiences which could only be felt in real life relationships.

Thus it can be deduced that real relationships make our lives richer and more meaningful and richer compared to a virtual relationship. It is true that we are embraced with technology and it helps us to connect with our family and friends but we shouldn’t forget the impact and importance of being close to them whenever we can.

The importance of human touch and interaction

Human beings are such living organisms who have been genetically devised to obtain satisfaction from real and meaningful relationships which ushers them with hoards of benefits and advantages. Human touch and contact is an essential part of the normal and unhindered growth and development of mind and body.

There is a magic in human touch and contact that conjures to complete us as humans and we tend to break down due to a substantial lack of human contact. Modern life with its technological advancements is making human beings a lonely, disjointed organism. There have been ample researches which indicate that loneliness can be the next public health issue following obesity as well as substance abuse. A recent report of the studies in this field suggests that social isolation can trigger the risk of mortality by 26 percent.

Being close virtually yet further apart in reality

Though the contribution of technology has made communication possible at the global level, it has paradoxically resulted in less human interaction. This has touched all levels of society. In previous times, all members of the family would sit together and talk about all the important as well as commonplace things. But it has become almost a ritual now to sit in front of the television while eating and not having a heart-to-heart chat.

The situation is even worse in some families as there the family does not sit together for the meal as the easy availability of instant foods allow them to have food whenever and wherever they want it. Even if all the members of the family manage to sit down and eat the meal together, all of them would eventually retire to their own worlds comprising of television, iPod, computer, mobile phones, online gaming and much more. Even the pets in the family have started feeling lonely due to a significant reduction in human interaction.

The social media has reshaped the way establish contact with others in the modern world. But it is important to understand the significance of real life relationships. This cannot be fulfilled by any amount of late night chatting on WhatsApp or any number of tweets or sharing images over Instagram or sharing views on Facebook. Human beings have developed a tendency to spend endless hours endlessly which could be spent on more significant things.  The frustration of virtual relationships would eventually curb you down and make you feel frustrated as there is no particular limit as to how much of needs and requirements can be fulfilled through the online media and portals. No matter how many friends you may have in social networking sites, it is a bubble that keeps us detached and isolated from others around us and inevitably results in all-embracing loneliness.