The Effect of Modernization on Environment

Modernisation is a complex concept. It can be seen in almost every aspect of human life; from the field of forestry to agriculture, from transport to technology, from food to industry- the world has experienced a complete overhaul in modern era through the process of modernisation.

However, modernisation is not all sound and fury about the development of human lifestyle. It has other significant consequences as well, and some of them are bleak enough, and the list starts with the effect, indeed ill effects, of modernisation on the environment. It has exploited Mother Earth to satisfy its hunger and for that our surrounding environment is suffering a lot.

Urbanization came as an invariable associate of modernisation

Modernization began with the rapid development of urbanization. We can suggest that urbanization and modernization have become synonymous in the last few decades and urbanization has resulted in a massive cutting down of trees to allocate a rising population. The result is at hand. An enormous amount of deforestation is taking place every day just to fulfill the need of free lands where new cities, new industrial areas can be developed, where the footprints of modernism can leave a mark. Deforestation has caused problems like global warming which is the most pressing environmental concern at the moment.

The rising temperature has caused the slow melting of icebergs, and people look with awe at the pictures taken at the two poles of Earth which suggest the rapid decrease of ice layers. Many places are getting flooded for this; some people need to stay in skyscrapers which are built on forestlands, and their life is at risk. Not only that but also the excess cutting down of trees has created a mess in the natural season cycle. Even Sahara desert experienced rain sometimes, but now the rain is ‘technologically’ produced in Sahara. Human beings have excelled so much technically that we can even produce rain now. We have devastated our natural season cycle just to satisfy our hunger for emerging as the most intelligent animal. Living contented in a high-rise without a pleasant weather will surely not be a desirable thing, but human beings are not aware of the consequences of its own actions.

Industrial expansion and its adverse effects

The next, of course, is the industries that are a direct effect of modernisation. Industries have expanded their scopes in a vast way, and they have brought another deadly problem of our times in the form of industrial waste and the emission of poisonous gas which is not only polluting the environment but also affecting the human body and mind. The emission of greenhouse gasses from the industries is another factor for global warming, and not only they are polluting the air, but they are also detrimental to the natural water sources as well. The industrial waste is so poisonous that they are bringing death for the aquatic animals and this, the whole ecological food chain is getting disrupted. This is solely due to the result of modernisation which is allowing humanity enjoy the new renaissance in the industrial sector. Therefore, it matters little to us what are we leaving behind. Added to this, one of the crucial components of the ecological food chain, the human race, is also getting affected by the waste which is both on the physical and psychological level. Radioactive wastes are causing harm that is carried forward by generations after generations. Although no one has forgotten about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki massacre, yet that instills a very little sense in us.

Pollution comes as an inevitable effect of modernisation

Cumbersome and endless pollution is another result of modernization which is gradually killing the environment. The increasing level of contamination of air, noise, water and what not is the direct consequence of modernization. Every species of animals, as well as birds, are suffering to some extent which testifies to the technological advancements in every aspect of our lives. The way number of vehicles are increasing all over the world, the manner in which water bodies are getting polluted, the way soil is getting dirtier with each passing day clearly suggest that doomsday is not really far. We see everything, but we are too reluctant to do anything against it.  A recent statistics shows that in UAE only 1 percent of the population use public transport. Technology is producing cheaper cars so that everyone can have his or her individual car but technological advancements will not be able to purify the air that’s being polluted. Noise pollution has invaded our lives in such a way that we are becoming resistant to it and unable to find a place where the monster of noise pollution is not running behind.

Effect of modernization on the communication

It goes without saying that modernization and communication touch all aspects of human life is no exception to this. Technology has offered all modes of easy communication right from mobile phones to computers to internet to television. It has allowed us to talk over the phone or send emails and messages to any place around the world. Today, it is not difficult to get any information or important news about an incident happening at a place that’s situated a million miles apart. These good effects are nothing compared to the adverse effects of modernisation. In the present world, kids do not go out to play with their friends but remain preoccupied with the video games and television shows. The countless number of mobile tower installations is wreaking havoc on the environment. Plus, the overexposure to the foreign traditions and culture is compelling the new generation to imitate others, and all of us are somehow provoked to be a part of the rat race that is paving the way for environmental destruction.

However, we cannot completely ignore the real effects of modernisation too. Somehow modernisation has given us the means to live life in luxury, to connect with people with ease and to do our works in a more convenient and hassle-free manner. Still, in spite of all the convenience modernisation has offered us, our earth, its environment is heavily affected, and the situation is going worse with each passing day. Modernism has not only affected the natural environment, but it also has the cultural environment too. The pollution of the cultural environment has given birth to unrest among us. We are losing our patience; so the environment is losing its purity. This phenomenon of modernization is affecting the society as well as the environment, and it is our responsibility to restore it back.