Global Warming Essay

It is known to all that the entire world is becoming hotter day by day due to the effects of the greenhouse gas. In the last 100 years, the average temperature of the Earth has risen up by 0.6-degree centigrade. Though it may sound meager, but its ill effects are definitely a subject of concern. Some experts are of opinion that the extreme climatic conditions and the floods that the whole planet is experiencing is an effect of the global warming.

What is Greenhouse Effect?

The warmth of the sun rays reaches down the earth. The gasses present in the atmosphere capture the heat and do not allow it to escape too easily. This condition is called greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is the most significant of all greenhouse gas. This is not entirely bad as the earth would have been frozen without greenhouse effects. It has been estimated that if there was no greenhouse effect, the temperature of the planet would have been lower by 33-degree centigrade. Needless to say that flora and fauna all over the world wouldn’t be able to survive in that temperature. The atmosphere of Venus comprises of 90 percent carbon dioxide and its greenhouse effect of Venus surges up the temperature to a whopping 523 degrees which make life impossible.

Is global warming taking place?

Many environmental scientists are of opinion that global warming has really started to take place. It had made its mark felt when scientists noticed a stretch of water across a mile in the North Pole. Other instances of global warming include melting of ice in the North Pole which has not melted in the last 50 million years. Plus, the birds in England have started to nest earlier and the climate of Southern England has become warm enough for malaria-causing mosquitoes to survive and breed.

Who is to be blamed for the impacts of global warming?

It has been presumed but has not been proven that human beings are the cause of global warming. The climate all over the earth is not meant to stay the same and Europe had been covered with ice just 10,000 years ago. But the pace at which the temperature all over the planet is rising has become a matter of concern for environmental experts. And scientists have agreed that the activities of human beings have contributed to pump in a greater amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But the scientists are not sure about whether the present carbon dioxide level would be able to cause global warming.

What are the Causes of Global Warming?

Deforestation along with the increasing level of industrial emissions have resulted in a rise of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide all around the atmosphere of the planet. These gases lead to trapping as well as absorption of heat ultimately paving the way for global warming or increase in the worldwide temperature. Oil and coal mining also leads to releasing methane gas into the atmosphere. Leakage in mineral resources also causes spreading of methane gas. Emission of chlorofluorocarbons used in refrigerators is also known for increasing the temperature of the earth. Though it doesn’t trap heat, it paves the way for chlorine release which in the presence of UV rays of the sun goes back to the atmosphere and leads to ozone layer depletion by altering the ozone molecules into molecules of oxygen. While this is the man-made cause of the increasing global warming effects, there are also natural causes of global warming including solar flares, sunspots and volcanoes.

What are the effects of global warming?

If the global warming effects continue ceaselessly, then the whole world including the human beings would be in danger. It will bring about climatic change, rise in sea level, water balance and an ill effect on human health.

How to prevent global warming?

The issue of global warming effects is gradually becoming a problem even for commoners. Experts and scientists all across the planet are encouraging people to minimize the greenhouse gas emission in the environment. Some of the easy and plausible preventive steps that we may take to save our planet from global warming effects include:

  • Implementing laws: It is very important to become aware and follow the laws dedicated towards controlling pollution and greenhouse gases. The laws have been made to protect the environment and the members of the planet; if necessary these guidelines and regulations must be made more stringent and effective.
  • Reducing the dependence on thermal energy: In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide present in the environment, we must try to cut down our dependence on the thermal power stations for our energy needs. This is because the fossil fuels used for the generation of conventional energy are the major components of greenhouse gases.
  • Curbing down paper wastage: Human beings must refrain from wasting paper. This can be done by keeping the important documents in electronic format and not to print it unnecessarily.
  • Planting more trees: There is hardly anyone on the whole planet who doesn’t know that green plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out fresh oxygen by a process called photosynthesis. Therefore, we should come forward to plant more and more trees as this is the most affordable and most effective solution to combat the growing problem of global warming.
  • Sharing the private car: If we can come forward to opt for shared rides for our daily activities like going to schools, colleges and offices and other scheduled activities, we can definitely reap two-fold benefits. First of all, by sharing the rides, we can save a good amount of money daily and secondly, it also helps in reducing the carbon emission in the atmosphere.

But the first and foremost step of all these measures is to create an awareness about the impacts of global warming and how it may affect our future generation. This would encourage commoners all over the world in doing their bit to save the planet.

What is the global warming statistics?

According to the analyses conducted by NASA, the global surface temperature as well as Arctic sea ice extent has broken all records in 2016. The first 6 months of the year from January to June has been proved to be the warmest months in the global record of temperature which dates back to 1880. The Goddard Institute for Space Studies of NASA has published this report which shows that the temperature recorded in the first 6 months was 1.3 degrees higher than that of the late 19th century. According to the sea ice scientist at NASA, the global trend of the increasing temperature has been outpaced by the warming occurring in the Arctic region.

What are the solutions to global warming?

Government bodies, NGOs, business sectors, private groups and many other benevolent organizations all across the planet are already coming together to run numerous awareness programs and seminars for goading people to reduce the global warming effects. There are some changes like melting of the ice caps in the North Pole that cannot be reversed through human activities. Yet, we should try our level best in helping the planet to survive by reducing the emissions of harmful gases in the environment. We should try to opt for the reusable source of energy like solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy for reducing the ill-effects of global warming. Other means of reducing global warming include a reduction in the use of coal and mineral oil, use of electrical devices and use of private transportation among others.