How to Start a Essay about Yourself

There are times when we are made to write about ourselves, but we are clueless about where to start from. Writing about yourself can be one of the trickiest and most daunting tasks you shall ever have to do regardless of whether you are required to write a personal essay for a school project or at an admission test in college or university.

There are various aspects to be taken into consideration while writing a personal essay so that the details help the potential readers for developing your story. Your choices of words and style of portrayal would unfold the happenings and experiences that have made you the individual that you are. Thus knowing how to write the story sensitively is immensely important when you are writing an essay about yourself.

Ideas for the Essay

Whether you are asked to write about a particular situation or you are being asked to write about anything you want to share with your readers, coming up with the idea is the first and the most crucial step. For your essay to stand out, you shall have to pen down a situation or an experience which hardly any person goes through. Certain commonplace incidents such as your sister’s wedding or the birth of your sibling or your becoming topper at the graduating school may be a thrilling and life-altering experience for you, but it is something that every other person is familiar with. Think about saving someone’s life in a road accident or your personal struggles to materialize a rare desire or hobby. Experts often suggest discarding the first few ideas that have crossed your mind owing to the fact that these could be among the things that others have thought of as well.

Starting the Essay

An essay about yourself is exclusively the tale of something that has made a mark in your mind. Thus, you must try to do something that captures the readers’ attention, and while doing so, you must steer clear from starting your essay in a mediocre and mundane manner. Try beginning it with something unusual and unexpected, something exciting that will keep the reader glued to your essay.

Constructing an essay on sensitive ideas

There are instances when you may be driven to include a sensitive subject in the essay. Although there is nothing wrong in it, you should be aware of how to approach the idea and handle it. It is better to avoid subjects and incidents that question your reliability, integrity and trustworthiness. Sometimes you may want to portray a situation in which others may have been involved, but you don’t want to disclose it without their consent. But when it comes to writing an essay about yourself, it is perfectly alright to alter the names and trivial situations in respect for others.

Ending the Essay

Some people find it even more difficult to end the essay than to begin it. This is because the story of your life is not over yet and when it comes to an end, there are several factors to be taken care of. First of all, think of the moment when the story you are narrating ends. For instance, if it ends with the death of one of your dearest persons, you may draw a closure at the moment when you started healing. Or if you are narrating a tale of immense difficulty in dealing with a particular subject such as Mathematics or History, you may end the essay at the point where you have got your first distinction in the subject. It is crucial to think of an ending that reflects the starting of the essay. Like if you have been talking about a situation which has demotivated and discouraged you, you must try to end it with a note about how you have helped a person who has gone through similar experiences.

Essay writing is a common task given in schools as well as colleges, and it has become a part of numerous competitive examinations. Writing an essay about yourself is a wonderful chance of expressing personal emotions, feelings and experiences that have remain suppressed for a long time. It aids the individual to gauge his thoughts as well as creative skills in a positive direction. Although it may seem to be very taxing at the start, if one can maintain the basic structure of a conventional essay right from the introduction to the conclusion, the whole write up is bound to be catchy and beautiful.