Positive and Negative Impact of Peer Pressure Essay

Peer pressure denotes to that phenomenon where we come under the influence of the ideology, notions, and lifestyle of our peers. Peer pressure can have both positive and negative effect in our lives, but it is said that peer pressure mostly has adverse effects on our lives.

Peer pressure has a tendency to have impacted more on the youths, especially the teenagers. Before indulging on the discussion of peer pressure, it is important to know how peer pressure works. The society is under the impact of the tastes and behaviors of its peers. The society can also get influenced by the fashion, music and other traits of lives which are consumed through television and other popular medias available. It is the nature of human beings to change the lifestyle according to others in the same society. The changing forces of society often force an individual to alter the way he or she looks at life. In a nutshell, it can be said that a person changes his or her perception under the influence of others. It is a tendency of a person to float obedient to the stream because doing so does not require any special quality and it is very commonplace. However, it is not at all sensible because peer pressure compels a man to cease his rational and logical chain of thought and pick up a generalized idea or a notion.

The Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

People love to do those things towards which they have a certain affection for. It is no doubt that one cannot love doing everything on earth. Everyone has choices, and a human being lives by his or her choices. However, sometimes human being does such things which he does not want to perform. Still, they perform them because they are influenced by the peer group he is attached. In these cases, the result may not be a very successful one because as the thing or the activity is not liked by the person, he or she just cannot enjoy it. When someone executes something which is not liked by the person, then it certainly leads to undesired consequences.

The worst effect of peer pressure may be seen in the adoption of lifestyle. It is entirely possible that someone may not like to adopt a particular way of life; he may even detest it but under the influence of peer pressure, sometimes people start to lead such a lifestyle which neither gives them happiness, nor mental satisfaction. Ultimately, driven by that pressure, they feel frustrated and end up with a broken psychological state.

Peer pressure always tends to snatch the quality of individuality from a person. Individuality is that thing which makes the identity of a person, and peer pressure restlessly tries to demolish that trait of uniqueness from that person. Individuality defines a man, but peer pressure always tries to generalize. Because of peer pressure, a human being slowly forgets that he also has an individual identity which makes him distinct from others. The person, under peer pressure always tries to imitate the masses because he feels secure among them. Any action that defines the person’s individuality is a threat to peer pressure.

The loss of rational and logical thinking is another harmful effect that peer pressure serves. This phenomenon always aims at squeezing out the framework of logical and reasonable flow from a human being. “I think, therefore I am” this ideology fails to excite those unfortunates who live their lives under peer pressure.

The Positive Effects of Peer Pressure

However, it cannot be denied that peer pressure does possess some positive qualities too. As peer pressure tries to mould the lifestyle of human beings, a person can well judge or compare his previous lifestyle and the newly embraced way of life. This collation helps a person choose between two behaviors, and he opts for that one which suits him most.

Peer pressure is followed and dispersed by masses. Therefore, following the lifestyle or the approach of the conduct of masses is neither a bad thing because a person can learn of new possibilities about culture and how the world is evolving with time. A person receives the world with its best practices sometimes. He can also have a hint about the broad range of human behavior. This will do nothing but enrich that person’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

If someone is fortunate enough to be a part of a good peer group, then it will obviously help in shaping the personality of that person, and that person can change for betterment. A good peer group may also inspire someone to change himself for good.

Undoubtedly there is no getting away from the influence of peer culture, but the society should know how to distinguish between a good and a bad one. In that way, a person can adopt the best culture, personality, and way of life.