Importance of Travelling Essay

Travelling is a kind of activity which all of us would love to indulge in. For some people, it is an opportunity to relax and take a sneak away from everyday chores while some others have a keen interest in the cultures and traditions of people belonging to other parts of the world. Travelling is considered as the best way to enjoy and have fun. Some individuals have a hobby to travel and they travel without any set plans or packing things properly. This shows that people who love to travel do not really care whether they would get a chance to spend the trip in a hotel or in a tent.

First-hand experience of things happening around you:

Travelling not only offers a unique and pleasant experience, it is also very beneficial. These days the widespread internet activity allows people to gather information and knowledge about traditions, cultures and people belonging to other nations. Travelling is a wonderful opportunity for contemplating as well as enjoying the amazing beauty of nature.

People who have a love of travelling can easily notice differences and similarities of every nation as they get to see new climates, new people, and new laws that make up the country. There have been an urge to travel among people since time immemorial as travelling broadens the horizon of the human mind. Globalization has facilitated the travellers to learn about new places, their people, food, music, religious traditions, and all other things. For instance, today Chinese foods are available all over the planet but the taste and flavor of such foods are different in each part place.

Why is travelling important?

Travelling is wonderful in various ways. It can ensnare people with a sense of wanderlust which drives people to travel further in new areas. Most of us feel that we would have to wait till we get mature enough to explore and understand the new places and their cultures. But the reality is that there is no age to travel and you should try to get inspired and motivated to travel. Some of the most wonderful advantages and importance of travelling include:

Get a new purpose in life

Travelling can be described as an amazing and underrated investment that an individual can make for himself. As a person travels, he or she is exposed to new people, traditions, cultures as well as lifestyles which are not possible to gather if you live in your homeland with people you are already acquainted with. While travelling ushers in a newness of your life, you will be exposed to more insights and develop new means of seeing the world and living and all these things may give you a new purpose in life. If you are going through a tremendous upheaval and nothing on earth seems to help in motivating you, travelling may surprise you with its uniqueness and you may be deeply moved to set it as the purpose of your life.

 You will learn to appreciate your domestic life

When you are travelling to a new place which has no opulence to offer you, such as a village in an area where there is no electricity, you will understand the value of the comfort your home provides, however, meager that may be. Travelling through areas that do not have much access to basic amenities like electricity, hygiene, drinking water, internet connection or any other things that make up our life would help you to know about the problems and issues that people from the under-developed countries face every day. On the other hand, if you get a chance to travel in the areas that are not just naturally beautiful but is rich with loads of facilities, you will be intrigued by it and motivated to make your own homeland a better place.

You will realize that you had no clue about the world surrounding you

First, there is a concept and gradually there is an experience. So when you travel you can have a hands-on experience about the places or areas that you may have previously heard or read about. Sometimes, you may also see that a particular place is completely different than what it is believed to be or what have been indoctrinated. You may see how numerous myths get debunked just by the act of travelling itself. Travelling also offers an experience on how loving, kind and generous even strangers can be and how they can contribute to making your trip a pleasant experience. Beyond this, on a macro level, you will have the whole world in your hands to learn and discover new places, meet new people and their culture.

You will understand that we all have the same basic necessities

Tony Robbins opines that as human beings we share some basic necessities no matter which part of the earth we may belong from or what is our standard of living or what is our race, gender or religion. These necessities include certainty that we would be able to gain pleasure, a variety of things that we get on a daily basis, feeling of being unique and important, a strong and deep bond with something or someone, the growth of capability and capacity and finally contributing and helping in making other people’s lives better. Though you may have been aware of this fact, you will be able to realize it even more. And eventually, you become more adept in relating to fellow human beings.

You will see how the whole humanity is interconnected

Just as you see how human beings share similar needs and how easy it is to become friends, you will also comprehend how we all are interconnected. Many experts suggest that travelling helps in developing a world-centric point of view and when you become an avid traveller, you can see, comprehend and accept all states of consciousness and consider life as the greatest gift of the Almighty. You may also be prompted into believing that life is a mere coalesce of serendipity along with synchronicity.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for a trip. You don’t have to spend your fortune in arranging for a posh and luxurious trip. You may go somewhere near for a few days but make sure that you carry the necessary documents, medicines for basic treatment, emergency contacts and of course clothing as per the weather conditions of the place you are travelling to. Even the most competent packers tend to forget elementary items like toothbrush, shampoos, creams and other daily essentials. A good idea would be if you can list down all the things that you need in a day from morning to night and create a final list of travel items.

Life is a wonderful gift and you cannot afford to waste it doing mundane things that would lead to nothing. Travelling is the best way to ensure that you lead a dynamic life and therefore, you should practice traveling unless it becomes a habit.