Moving to a New Country Essay

Moving to an unfamiliar land that has a distinctly traditional and ritual history is definitely one of the most exciting yet challenging enterprises. Moving to a new country is a big decision indeed, and it inevitably involves thoughtfulness, thorough planning and securing a budget.

One may choose to move for work or political reasons or simply for the love of adventure. A whole new bunch of attractions and excitement awaits you in the new place, and it goes without saying that while some may frustrate you, other experiences may be mesmerizingly beautiful.

An overall new experience

It goes without saying that moving to a new place is a thrilling adventure. The endless list of foods that you have never tasted before, visiting places that you have always seen on the television screen, smells and sounds that have captured your imagination and experiencing the cultures and traditions that are outright different from yours is something that no one wants to miss.

Emotional development

When you move to a new country, you will invariably come across new culture and customs which will compel you to revere the history and values of that country just as you do yours. Also, when you meet and establish a bond with people in the new country, it would broaden your horizon and bring about a change in your point of view.

Professional growth

When it comes to your personal career, the knowledge and ideas that you gain from the people of the new country will open up new vistas of opportunities for you. You will slowly get accustomed to the work culture as well as professional ethics of that country, and it will gradually work towards making you more competent and professional for the career.

Travel and adventure

Moving to a new place proffers the opportunities for travelling to the places which you have just dreamt of. And when you are able to experience and explore the destinations which are far away from your homeland, it will be one of the most exotic joys you shall ever experience in your life. When you travel, you unknowingly imbibe the knowledge of everything that you go through. When you walk down through a street and engage in a meaningful conversation with the natives, the knowledge thus gained will not be found in any books or on the internet.

Make new friends

When you lived in your own hometown, your social circle comprised of friends and relatives from your alma maters and workplaces. But when you move abroad, you get the chance to meet new people who come from a background different from yours, and this is one of the most significant attractions while living in a new place.

But there are some disadvantages of moving to a new country, and there are individuals who feel discouraged with these issues. When someone moves to a new place, he is bound to face a new set of challenges. The initial culture shock along with the hard realities of finding an accommodation and sometimes a suitable job is more difficult than you have actually thought of. It may take much time to settle down if any of the factors do not work as expected. There is also a certain level of risk involved in a new place and having to live without the family, and close ones seem way too difficult for many people.

Tips to consider while moving to a new place

Culture shock is an obvious aspect of moving to a new country, and there is no way to deny or escape it. This culture shock can be caused by anything including differences in food habits, living conditions, social manners and any other thing. You are likely to feel overwhelmed and nervous in the first place, but these feelings would gradually be dominated by love and passion for the new country. In order to achieve this, one must try to absorb the new culture and traditions as much as possible even if it includes doing things that you could hardly even dream of.

Another problem faced by people moving to another country is the language barrier, and the easiest way to cope up with this issue is to take a language class beforehand. Although it may seem exhausting, dedication and practise will help you to communicate with the people in the new country without any inhibition. For those who would not be able to learn the new language formally, patience and slow speaking will help to a considerable extent.

Last but not the least, balancing the finance as well as expenses while moving to the new country is the real challenge of the whole endeavor. It is understandable that you will be tempted to buy anything and everything that comes across in the new land, but a bit of prudence can help in making the whole journey the way you had planned it.