Positive and Negative Effects of Watching Video Games

Technology has taken over the world and our lives by storm. No wonder the craze of the video is gaining pace every day and reaching new heights. The teenagers take these games as the best recreational activities.

The tech-savvy generation depends heavily upon gaming consoles that connect them with virtual reality, fill their life with adventures, action, romance, creativity, and fun. Nevertheless, video games have their respective perks and limitations.

Positive Effects of Playing Video Games

Improves Co-ordination

A child does not stare at the computer inactively while playing a video game at any point in time. It requires a lot of mental stimulation. The perfect coordination of the visionary, auditory and physical movement takes place that is very important for the overall development of a child or even in adults.

Improves Memory

While playing a video game, it captures all our attention. We give particular attention to the keyboard and master the art of learning the application of the keys. We also learn and memorize the instructions given at the beginning of the game. This indirectly improvises our learning and memorizing skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination:

The hand while working fast on the keyboard give the signal to the eyes. They go hand in hand in perfect coordination and razor-sharp skills to achieve the goal or defeat an enemy.

These motor skills are helpful in various spheres of life. They improve the general task performing skills. Coordination between the actual action and the cerebrum is essential to notch up the performance. According to research, adults who play video games skilfully, become impeccable medical surgeons.

Boosts Cognitive Skills

There are many complex games out there that enhances our problem solving, cognitive and reasoning skills. There are many lifestyle games which hone our interest and skills and paves the path of our future.

Games like Angry Bird forces the children to use their skills in order to win the cookie points. The kids improvise with new skills to solve puzzles and incorporate effective measures.

Good Stress Busters

Teenagers face a lot of stress including academics, peer pressure, parents’ expectations, social obligations. Video games can be a great way to relax, get entertained and breathe once in a while.

Co-operation and teamwork

Many of the video games require a partner or a team to proceed with. This skill at an early age teaches teamwork and the spirit to proceed as a part of the community.

This further helps them in their work and personal and social spheres to act responsibly and build teamwork. Thus with the help of  technology  comes holistic achievement where the free time also becomes a part of education

Negative Impact of  Video Games

Addiction to Video Games

All of us unanimously agree that video games are very attractive. These can be harmful if used in excess. We don’t even realize how they sneak away our precious time.

It is like a drug that initially gives pleasure but ultimately is dangerous. Children give up studies while the grown-ups compromise with their responsibilities. It takes a toll on physical, mental and psychological health.

Health Issues

Children who are glued to their play stations for long hours become a vegetable or a couch potato. This leads to obesity, weak eyesight, bad food craving, spinal disorders and many more.

Socially Isolated

When children spend long hours playing with their gaming consoles, they become reticent. They do not interact with the outside world and practically think themselves to be a part of the virtual world. It hinders their growth in society and the workplace.

Harmful to Moral and Social Values

There are some games which instigate the young and impressionable minds to commit serious crimes. They become aggressive and negative. In one such case, Chris Harper-Mercer killed 10 people, including himself, and left seven more injured in the massacre that took place on the Umpqua campus.

With video games are becoming more and more realistic, we need to be extremely cautious as to what our youth and young people are being exposed to on a daily basis. Fantasy violence can leave a troubled mind craving for more until they practically start to act upon it. There is a violent cultural script on display that too many children are influenced to live out.

This does not mean that every gamer out there is a psychopath and every game is dangerous. We have to play with precision and monitor the prolonged time invested in the games. They should not invest excessive time in playing games at the cost of their studies and the future. The pros and cons should be judged before investing in gaming consoles.