Positive and Negative Effects of Yoga | Yoga Effect

Of late, yoga has been climbing the popularity charts at a rapid rate. Touted as improving your physical, mental as well as spiritual well-being, it has been catching the fancy of both celebrities and the common man. Simultaneously to meet the requirements of modern lifestyle, we see many of its innovative versions coming up as well like power yoga, hatha yoga, pilates, etc. Today it is considered as one of the most effective exercise techniques. You can efficiently practice yoga aasan and pose meditation at home or join any yoga center. However, while there are numerous positive yoga effects, it also has some adverse side effects on your health, beauty, and mind. Let’s check out:

Effects of Yoga
Effects of Yoga

The Positive & Negative Effects of Yoga

Positive Benefits of Yoga

There are numerous benefits associated with practicing yoga exercise. Few of them are:-

  • Yoga Is a Terrific Workout

It’s not mandatory that you indulge in hot yoga or intense sweating regime. Even if you regularly practice its various positions and stretch pose, you would still achieve weight loss as well as make your body systems healthier and more regularized. Regular practice of even simple yoga poses will gradually lead to weight loss, increase in body flexibility and stamina as well as toned muscles.

  • Yoga – An Excellent Stress Buster

One of the biggest problems plaguing modern human life is stress and depression. They are an inevitable outcome which impacts human almost daily. Yoga train you in deep breathing techniques, meditative powers, positive affirmations and flow of new postures which help drain out stress and anxiety from the body. It increases blood supply to the brain and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and filled with a new positivity.

  • Effect of Yoga On The Brain

The effect of yoga in the brain and mind is stupendous. It is excellent for your cognitive betterment. Even if you regularly practice simple yoga postures at home, you would find an increase in your focus and concentrate power, and a better ability to better and clearer thinking. You would see an all-around improvement in your cognitive functions. It helps get your heartbeat under control, increases your inner strength and makes you a tougher human being.

  • Yoga Functions As a Great Detox For Your Body

Yoga is the sole exercise form which massages all your internal organs. It leads to an increased blood supply to all the body parts and activates the lymphatic drainage of the body. This helps in faster elimination of all toxins from the body. No other exercise form proves to be this potent detox.

Negative Effects of Yoga

While this exercise form offers numerous benefits, it has its side effects as well. If any of the body postures are performed in the correct manner and technique, it can cause few serious repercussions like body ache, back ace, hypertension, breakdown of the nervous system etc. Let’s throw light on some of the adverse effects of yoga:-

  • Hard to Find The Right Fit

There are many forms of yoga exercises. Each exercise has certain restrictions which make it unfit for all. For instance, people with back pain should not practice certain yoga postures. Thus, it can be a trifle difficult to hit upon a yoga regime that’s ideal for you. If you practice wrong postures, it can lead to some serious consequences.

  • Internal Injuries

As already stated, not all yoga postures are meant for everyone. Numerous yoga poses involve headstands which can actually cause a spike in pressure. There are certain other postures which can adversely affect the ocular nerves or adversely affect your nervous system. Practicing the wrong asana or doing it the wrong way can easily lead to internal injuries. Yoga needs to be practiced quite strategically and methodically with great attention on right techniques.

  • External Injuries

Apart from internal injuries, the wrong practice of yoga postures can easily cause external injuries as well. If you are going too fast like practicing advanced postures at the beginning, you might find yourself amidst muscle strain, sprain, and even injury. To perform yoga postures in the correct manner, your body needs to be significantly flexible. Some yoga postures are not advised for specific medical conditions as well as a backache, diabetes, hypertension etc. Hence, one needs to exercise extreme caution while selecting and practicing yoga poses.

  • The Newbie Feeling

It requires plenty of practice to reach a correct yoga posture. If you are attending the class as a newbie and you witness the pros doing the asanas seamlessly, it can undermine your confidence. You start feeling intimidated. Thus, it is important to ensure that you are attending a beginner class where all are on the same level as you.


Despite all negative effects, yoga is one of the best exercises recommended for everybody. If the postures are selected carefully and performed in the right manner, it can yield enormous benefits to your mind and body.