Positive and Negative Impact of WhatsApp

In this age of technology, users look for more advanced features and easier communication which has lead them to “WhatsApp“. It is an app which has taken the world in a whirlwind. Almost all of us regardless of our age, use WhatsApp today. It is one of the most important instant messaging applications available online today. Everyone from children to young teens to adults can be seen tapping away on the screens of their smartphone.

Whatsapp is one of the most prominent and easy to use instant messaging and data sharing application on the rise. It has made its place among other important social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. But like every other thing, WhatsApp has its set of advantages and negative impacts. There are considerably mixed reviews. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Application in this era!

Positive Effects and Impact of WhatsApp on Teens, Students & Adults

  • A Cost-Effective Communication

    WhatsApp has introduced us to a new and cheaper way of communication. We no longer need to pay the high call prices or choose a specific SMS pack, we can just download and use WhatsApp. It can be used for free as long as we have an internet connection and a smartphone. We can send unlimited messages and make national or international phone calls and do video calling with friends and family at no cost.

  • WhatsApp has Amazing Features

    WhatsApp comes with a lot of features like – we can share countless images, videos, audios, and songs. It also allows us to share our location and contacts online.

  • The App is User Friendly

    It is an extremely easy to use app which facilitates connectivity for smooth working without complications. A very less amount of data is required to use it. Each step from creating an account to managing it is quite simple.

  • Free of Pop-Up Advertisement

    Unlike other applications, which have very annoying ads popping every now and then,  Whatsapp provides a relief from constantly featuring online pop-up ads.

  • Privacy & Security Ensured

    WhatsApp maintains its user’s privacy by its end – to – end encryption. The chats and data shared is secured and accessible to only the sender and receiver. We also get the option to block any unwanted contacts.

  • Acknowledgment

    We can also see the status of our messages thorough blue and grey ticks which help us know whether or not the receiver has received and read our messages or not. A very convenient way of chatting.

  • Mass Media

    One of the advantages is that we can form group chats and broadcast list which help us to relay our messages to many people at a single click. It also allows the use of various emojis and gifs which make the conversation more fun and interesting. It saves time as information can be passed to many at the same time.

  • Whatsapp Facilitates Business and Work

    This allows Communication with business colleagues whenever required. Business deals and a contract between dealers and suppliers is made easy with sharing catalogues beyond time and space restrictions.

  • Helps Students & Teenagers

    In the life of a student, Whatsapp helps in sharing of various notes and study material. It also provides a platform for them to express freely in a non-restricted manner.

  • Latest Updates & Features

    The Whatsapp web is a fantastic extension towards the high tech world by providing its interface on computer PC or laptop. It is an old saying that shot an arrow or spoken words can’t be taken back, but whatsapp has changed the ages old perceptions by giving the option of deleting sent messages within seven minutes.

Some Negative Impact of WhatsApp

  • Very Distracting for Students & Youth 

    The constant beeping of messages can cause us to consciously or unconsciously check our mobile phone which hampers our work and lose our concentration. In addition to teens, adults too regularly keep checking their phones to see if they have a new message or a reply. This leads to a lot of time waste and loss of productivity.

  • Not Cross-Device Compatible

    One of its disadvantages is that WhatsApp only works in a smartphone with an internet connection and can be used to send messages only to the person who fulfils the same requirements. The chats cannot be transferred to any other apps.

  • Addicting for Youth

    Whatsapp is one of the major causes of addiction in teens and sometimes in adults too. We keep on texting for hours, without caring for our work, often skipping our sleep which leads to loss of sleep and fatigue. This leads to drop in grades and overall performance.

  • Disconnection from the World

    Whatsapp has led to making people aloof from the real world. We often get lost in the virtual world. We can now talk to a person miles away but don’t pay any attention to the person in the same room as us. The old practice of spending family time is vanishing like tigers from our nation. It has a greater contribution towards cyber bullying. A different style of language used by whatsapp textees comprising shortcuts and abbreviations has tremendously degraded our grammatical skills.

Therefore, whatsapp has increased our social network and decreased the geographical distance between users, but it also has started to become more of an addiction than convenience. It is not a black and white app but a grey app whose pros and cons depend on the user himself.




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