How is Science Used in Everyday Life Essay

Science is an umbrella term which can be used in reference to a wide range of different disciplines, innovations, innovations, and concepts that have been researched. Science and scientific methodologies have aided the modern society to take giant leaps in several aspects pertaining to knowledge and technology. Science has become entirely interwoven with day to day life in this manner.

The contribution of science in the field of communication

Science has developed and invented different modes of swift communication that are very useful in our daily lives. Science has helped human beings to cover the time and distance that we are subjected to and traveling has become a pleasure. Globalization is the effect of science itself and we can instantly connect with someone million miles away through different mediums like telephone calls, emails, and popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype and much more.

Going to one continent to another is not difficult anymore. The best thing about science is that it is constantly evolving. In previous times, we had to depend on the ship for traveling to a different continent. But with the Invention of Aircraft by the Wright Brothers on December 17, 1903, traveling has become as swift as a bird. After that, there have been constant modifications and Concorde, the fastest plane covering a distance of 2179 kilometers in an hour stands as a bright exemplar to this.

The journey by ship has also become much more pleasurable as we have succeeded to overcome the threats and dangers of a sea voyage. The globe has shrunk into a little place and science allows us to connect to people at any place at any time.

Various scientific inventions that we use in daily life

Science has helped us to invent various things that we use in everyday life. Commonplace things ranging from shoes to utensils to electrical appliance has been invented with the aid of science. Science has so been so closely intertwined with our lives that living a day without the aid of science is impossible.

Everything that a modern man uses right from when he wakes up like spectacles, mobile phone, and even the toothbrush has been made with the help of science. Machines can do everything from heating up water, cooling down the room temperature, keeping the food items fresh, cooking our meals, washing clothes, ironing them and a lot more.

The invention of electricity can be regarded as the finest invention of the modern world as it has brought a radical change in the way we see the world. Yet another great invention is the computer which has helped in minimizing our difficulties to a great extent. The benefits of electricity itself exceed hundred and thousand as it has made modern living possible. Living an hour without access to electricity makes our life come to a stop and we can hardly imagine living without television, computers, mobile phones, and other electrical gadgets.

The influence of science in the field of medicine and treatment

The greatest blessing of science comes in the field of medicine and treatment of various ailments. Pain and suffering due to any kind of health complications can be easily eliminated with medicinal treatments. The field of medicine and medicinal treatment is constantly evolving which has helped in the invention of medicines for ailments which was not available before.

The easy availability of treatment for life-threatening diseases like cancer, HIV, and brain tumor has improved the quality of life, increased the average human life span and decreased human pain and suffering to a great extent. Scientists have successfully invented various drugs which are used for lowering the pain stemming from any complications. Plus, the invention of surgical treatments and most importantly, anesthesia has made surgical interventions pain-free.

There are also different types of equipment like X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, and CT scan equipment among other scanners and detectors has helped human beings to determine the ailments and administer the right treatment.  Today, executing major operations is not a huge ordeal and now various body parts can be replaced with the same parts from other persons or with artificial parts.

The impact of science in increasing our comfort and easing our life

Science has offered comfort to the human life and this can be manifested in every walk of life. For instance, the invention of light has made it possible to turn night into day and we can effortlessly carry on with the needful tasks simply by switching on the lights. While there is room heater to make a place warm in chilly cold winter, the invention of air conditioners has made our summers pleasant.

Various inventions of science are for the purpose of enjoyment and they are so widely available that people belonging to all strata of the society can savor its flavor. For instance, there are radio, television and music systems which are found in the homes of both rich and the poor. Another latest addition to this is the invention of Kindle ebook reader which allows one to carry on with reading a book even where there is no light without harming his own eyes or illuminating the whole place.

Science is helpful to us in multi-faceted ways. The whole world would come to a stop had there been no influence of science. Though science is largely considered as a blessing, it has also directed human beings to make deadly weapons. It is up to human beings to decide how he wants to use the boon that science has to offer. Today, scientists are striving to invent more and more sustainable sources of energy so that we can continue with our lives even when the oil and other natural resources come to an end. The invention of solar panels is one of the most wonderful inventions of science which would as solar energy would be there as long as there is life on earth. Researchers are carried out on all fields of science for further inventions so that we can live our lives more comfortably and progress in our personal missions.