The Effects of Global Warming Essay

Human beings are not new to the effects and concerns of global warming. Plus, numerous studies suggest that the effects of global warming have begun in the last decade and are supposed to linger on for centuries to come. We all know that human beings have contributed to the rising effects of global warming as well as the threatening outcomes it has led to. This is owing to the fact that the activities of human beings are paving the way for an increase in the temperature of the earth which in turn is leading to the melting of ice caps. It can also make several species of flora and fauna to go extinct in near future.

It is important to discuss the effects of global warming in detail for giving a clear idea about the matter.

What are the positive effects of global warming?

  • The frozen and ice-capped regions of the Arctic, as well as Antarctic circles along with Siberia, would be able to have growth of green plants and mild climate. This may also allow the survival of human and animal species in those parts of the planet which were previously forsaken for the unforgiving weather conditions.
  • Global warming effects ensure that we are heading towards yet another ice age in near future.
  • The number of injuries and deaths caused due to the colder climate can be reduced to a great extent. This is also an opportunity for the adventure seeking people across the planet to go in the expedition on the mountains in the frozen parts of the planet.
  • The effects of global warming can also assist in solving the boundary problems between those nations which are caused by low-lying islands.
  • When the glaciers melt, it leads to considerable increase in the mountain heights which may have been a result of rebounding against the lost weight of ice.
  • The rise in temperature can lead to longer yielding seasons which can help in increasing agricultural production in colder regions of the world.
  • When the ice melts, the routes of sea transportation would clear up in order to make the way for the passage of ships. There are numerous routes of sea transportation which have been closed due to the formation of ice.

It is crucial to note here that the positive effects of global warming would be only short-term. But when you have a look at the actual picture of global warming, you will see that the negative effects are powerful enough to surpass the good points and pose to be a threat to our existence. Let’s take a look at the downsides of the global warming.

What are the negative effects of global warming?

  • Global warming leads to the disruption of ocean circulations owing to the rise in temperature and melting of ice. It also causes a rise in the sea level.
  • The rise of temperature leads to melting of ice on the one hand and transformation of water into vapor on the other. As a result, the deserts are gradually becoming drier and paving the way for further desertification.
  • The availability of quality drinking water is already scarce in certain parts of the planet and the global warming is also furthering the scarcity of drinking water.
  • The shortage of water inevitably paves the way for the shortage of food crops and grains. As a result, malnutrition, health disorders, and deaths would gradually increase in all parts of the world owing to starvation.
  • The increasing heat waves would lead to a rise in deaths among human beings, plants and other species of animals. This effect has already started to take place and is bound to increase in near future.
  • The weather conditions are going to become more extreme allowing the natural disasters like catastrophic storms and flood to take place often.
  • The rise in sea level would flood away the low-lying areas of the world and it would cause disastrous effects for plants and animals.
  • The glaciers and ice caps would permanently be eliminated from the face of the earth.

What are the long-term effects of global warming?

  • The rise in temperature can cause a surge in extinction rates, along with a rise in political conflicts and wars on the available resources.
  • Some of the species of animals may die out owing to the unforgiving weather conditions.
  • When the temperature, as well as sea levels, rises, the availability of basic resources like land and clean water would decrease. This leads to conflict such as Darfur which is the first of all civil wars caused by climate change.
  • Global warming effects on earth can add fuel to fire in already volatile political situations.

What are the global warming effects on a human?

The Global Change Research Program of the U.S. has published a report in 2016 analyzing the impacts of global warming on human health. The key points of this report are mentioned below:

  • The change in climate is a serious threat to people from U.S. in the form of mental, physical and community hazards.
  • The warming weather condition is thought to increase the health disorders and deaths caused by heat and poor quality of air.
  • The climatic change would prolong the effects of natural hazards like storms, flood, and drought and will increase the number of injuries and deaths.

What are the global warming effects on animals/ wildlife?

  • As it has been already pointed that the effects of global warming include extinction of plants and animals and the greatest risk is caused by the change of habitat.
  • The long term effects are not only for large animals like polar bears but also for insects, amphibians, and fishes.
  • The endangering of animals along with the extinction of some of them is bound to affect the food chain and it becomes difficult for the surviving animals to find adequate food.
  • This extinction is also rising upwards and would subsequently affect the choices left to human beings to find foods.

What are the global warming effects on polar bears?

  • We all know that polar bear is an animal that spends most of its time at sea than on land. The loss of sea ice would affect the habitat of these animals.
  • The Geological Survey of the U.S. is of opinion that about 2/3rds of the present population of the polar bears would no longer be there by 2050.
  • The average weight of bear has dropped by 15 percent due to the narrower availability of time during which the seal pups are born and the bears could hunt for them.
  • The sea ice platforms are also retreating from the shore and the bears cannot access them easily and the gap between land and ice has caused harsh wave conditions. As a result, the task of swimming has become more harmful for them.

What are the global warming effects on oceans?

  • The impact of global warming is considerably felt on the glaciers and oceans. As the melting of the glaciers takes place, the additional amount of water leads to a change of temperature in seawater.
  • Global warming also affects marine ecosystems.
  • Melting of ice leads to the rise of sea level and this, in turn, casts a harsh impact on coastal ecosystems.
  • The cities like Amsterdam, New Orleans and many others that are situated in close vicinity to the water can be exposed to threats.