What is Argumentative Essay

The origin of the word ‘argumentative’ is ‘argument’, which refers to a logical discussion on a topic. An argument should be based on rational perception about a particular subject, and then a conclusion is drawn from that.

The function of an argumentative essay is just the same. It is a write up on a specific subject has involved a clear and logical argument based on the investigation, collection, generation, and evaluation of evidence gathered from authentic sources, and it establishes a deductive conclusion in a precise manner. Argumentative essay involves a thorough research and a detailed analysis of the facts along with the following features.

A concise, clear and defined thesis statement:

The first paragraph of an argumentative essay, there should be a clear context about the topic which should be reviewed in order to give a general idea. The following paragraphs of the essay should consist of the exigence of the essay that is why the topic is important and why the topic needs a detailed discussion. The third paragraph will contain the main body or thesis statement which should be written according to the guidelines mentioned. One thing should be remembered that a student should try to apply the positivism philosophy, deductive approach and a descriptive design when composing the essay as like a thorough research work. An argumentative essay is nothing of less importance than a fully-fledged research work because it needs collection and interpretation of the available literature in a crisp way. The student should know how to excel in this section as it will become difficult to frame a persuasive and effective formation of the argument without a proper thesis statement.

Synchronization of thought:

The essay is primarily divided into three portions – introduction, main body, and conclusion. It is suggested that a logical and clear transition between the three sections should be maintained as an argumentative essay tries to narrow down the best possible conclusion, and that needs a proper synchronization between all the section and subsections. There should be an undercurrent of logical thought progression because the reader needs to follow the argument of the author.  It will be best if the theme of the next paragraph is hinted in the concluding sentence of the previous one. The transition of ideas should be wrapped up from the previous section and should follow in the next section.

Evidential Support

An argumentative essay is that piece of literature which stands on the rational analysis of factual data. There is no room for assumption or half-baked truth in an argumentative essay. The author should keep in mind that one paragraph should be attributed for the detailed discussion of one theme throughout the essay because this ordered matrix of thoughts will help the reader to follow the argument. Every paragraph should have some connection with the general theme discussed in the introduction section as the introduction section works as a summing up of theories and ideas that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. It is a must that with each factual utterance, there should be some reference which authenticates the text. The facts and figures used in the essay should have logical, factual, anecdotal or statistical support in order to make the essay rigid and comprehensive. The collected data should support the argument of the reader. It is not the duty of the author to point out how he is rejecting a particular view or how he is accepting it, but he should be able to formulate a clear idea of why he is doing so. This makes more sense because an argumentative essay tries to narrow down the conclusion by picking p the best practice on the topic.

The concluding paragraph:

The concluding paragraph is not about reframing the whole concept but about giving the author’s personal insight where he will invite more argument from the readers’ side. The conclusion should be written in a way which can leave an immediate impression on the reader’s mind. A conclusion will point out the key findings of the argument and must not introduce any new information to the reader. It should rather try to synthesize all the information given in the body of the essay. Restating the whole process of argument in the concluding paragraph is not needed. However, the author may include what the current research tried to shed light on and what are the open threads of this essay which have the potentiality to call for further discussion on the topic.

There is, however, no perfect example of an argumentative essay. These are just some keywords that can help people forming a logical deduction of theories and ideas into a conclusion. The argumentative essay is primarily is a serious piece of academic work, and it should have the full attention of the author while composing it.